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PharmaSOL’s Oracle Accelerate rapidLIVE solution for US


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Solution Summary:

Oracle Accelerate rapidLIVE is a “ready-to-use” implementation of one or more Oracle Health Sciences (OHS) suite applications. rapidLIVE consists of pre-configured virtual machines which are ready to be deployed in a VMware vSphere environment. The necessary validation documentation and the training of the customer’s personnel are included in a fixed price offer.

PharmaSOL’s Oracle Accelerate rapidLIVE solution is delivered with the required components to go-live with the new system in a short timeframe, whilst adhering to the highest industry standards relating to system validation and documentation. Fundamentally, all components are tailored to fit together and therefore implementation issues, overhead and delays are avoided.  

Solution Profile:

The advantages of implementing the Oracle Accelerate rapidLIVE solution delivered by PharmaSOL for the US market are:

Efficiency – the only ready-to-use implementation of the Oracle Health Sciences Suite (OHS) allows you to focus on the immediate usage of the system rather than on the implementation. rapidLIVE is designed and delivered with all required components to go live with the new system within a short timeframe,

Fixed price – You receive access to pre-configured servers are deployed in our own data centre. All required validation documentation and the training personnel are included in the fixed price offer

Proven – satisfied customers in all major global regions prove the rapidLIVE concept.

Quality - rapidLIVE adheres to the highest industry standards relating to system validation and documentation.

Regulatory compliance - rapidLIVE eliminates the risks associated with a system validation audit. Fundamentally, all components are tailored to fit together and therefore traditional implementation issues, unnecessary overhead and delays can be avoided.

Oracle approved - rapidLIVE is the implementation approach reviewed by Oracle Consulting and the Oracle approved accelerator for the OHS.

Lowest cost of ownership - pharmaSOL is the only system implementer providing the full scope of an implementation, including not only the immediately required components but also all services and add-ons required after going live with the system

Single point of contact
- rapidLIVE is a tightly integrated suite of independent components, all provided by a single vendor, delivering the implementation integrity required by regulatory authorities and the single point of quality assurance.

Post go live support – 3 months inclusive support to ensure the smooth running of first live studies

Distinguishing Features:

The Oracle Accelerate rapidLIVE supported applications and offering information are listed in the table below.

Provided Environments• TEST
Pre-configuration of ApplicationPre-configured Application according to best-practices, outlined in Configuration Manual
Available for• Oracle Clinical
• Oracle Argus
• Oracle RDC
Installation• Operating System Install
• Database Install
• Application Install (Web Front End Server and Transaction Server)
Validation Material
(Tailored to pre-configuration)
Full GAMP5 validation package including;
UAT test scripts
(Training is tailored to pre-configured system)
Comprehensive training package


Solution Details
Solution Availability United States
Industries Life Sciences
Oracle Products Applications
Company Size Solution is Targeting 501 - 1000
Open Source Solutions No

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“As a mid-size organization, we needed a reliable, but easy-to-implement clinical data management system. With Oracle Clinical, which we implemented using PharmaSol’s RapidLive methodology, we are now equipped to deliver clinical trials with greater confidence and efficiency while streamlining compliance,” said Olivier Perrot, Head of Data Management, Keyrus Biopharma.

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20 Magdalene Close,
Cambridge,   CB24 3EG
United Kingdom

pharmaSOL is a certified Partner offering Oracle Life Science Suite (OLS) Implementation and Support, Validation and Training, Customizations, Add-ons and Oracle Accelerate solutions for rapid implementation of OLSA.

pharmaSOL was founded 1999 by former Oracle consultants from the ECCP, European Competence Center Pharmaceuticals (ECCP), team.
Since then, pharmaSOL has been helping major pharma companies all around the world to streamline their internal and external business processes, implementing and customizing their OLS (Oracle Clinical, TMS, RDC, AERS) software as well as building interfaces to other 3rd party tools such as Imaging Systems, Adverse Event Reporting Systems and Reporting Tools.

pharmaSOL is the only vendor in Europe offering rapidLIVE, an Oracle Accelerate OLS implementation:  a fixed-price rapid implementation of Oracles Life Science Suite.

pharmaSOL are an Oracle Licenses Reseller in EMEA and North America.

Additionally, pharmaSOL offers custom developments (PL/SQL, Oracle Forms and Reports) as well as database administration services. Since 2005, pharmasol has also specialized in the creation of CBTs (Computer Based Trainings) and offers a standard suite for RDC eLearning for site training and certification according to 21 CFR Part 11.

We offer a variety of software products including Oracle licenses, an Oracle Clinical Workflow system for paperless data entry , validation suites (GAMP5) for Clinical, RDC, TMS and AERS/Argus CDISC implementations, a generic TMS Dictionary Updater, Standard Reports and an on-line support system.

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