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Solution Summary:
DocSavi™ is a the solution for document enabling Oracle E-Business Suite applications. Rather than screen-scraping technology used by other vendors, DocSavi fully utilizes native Oracle APIs and functionality including out-of-the-box Oracle workflows to ensure direct access to all related content directly within the Oracle applications. DocSavi can connect to Oracle Content DB as well as other leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions such as IBM, FileNet and Hyland OnBase.

Solution Profile:
DocSavi™ is a the solution for customers looking to intelligently document-enable their E-Business Suite applications such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Human Resources.  DocSavi allows users to utilize Oracle Content DB or other leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions to manage corporate records and meet compliance requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley or HIPAA.  The solution leverages native Oracle functionality including standard E-Business Suite workflows, and the paperclip interface for accessing relevant documents directly from the user interface.  With DocSavi, there is no need to leave the Oracle application to access related documents that reside in your content repository.  Customers can greatly improve efficiencies including:

  • Access to all relevant documents directly from E-Business Suite applications
  • Interfaces directly to Oracle Content DB as well as other leading ECM solutions such as FileNet P8 and Hyland OnBase
  • Leverage out-of-the-box Oracle workflows and BPEL technology
  • Improved process and audit controls
  • Improved compliance
DocSavi for Intelligent Capture:  Whether you are scanning invoices, resumes or other backup information, the ability to attach the document to the appropriate application/transaction record is key to making sure the information is easily available from the Oracle application.  DocSavi fully integrates leading capture technology directly with the corresponding application tables and enterprise taxonomies to ensure that information is consistent across all information repositories.  Numerous benefits are achieved including:
  • Capture documents directly into Oracle Content DB or other ECM products
  • Eliminate manual keying and duplicate entry of invoice data
  • Utilizes proven capture solutions from AnyDoc Software or Kofax
  • Leading Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to eliminate manual keying of data from documents
  • Data validation directly against Oracle transaction tables for increased accuracy
  • Re-focus employees on higher value tasks
  • Resolve exceptions more quickly
  • Eliminate routing of paper for approvals

Distinguishing Features:
• Facilitates compliance by automating business processes to enforce and audit content policies and retention schedules • Identify, manage and control content throughout the enterprise • Optionally integrated scan, FAX and print solutions including powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities for increased efficiencies • Utilizes standard responsibility level security of Oracle E-Business Suite • Document routing and attachment via Oracle Workflow Mailer functionality to Oracle E-Business Suite

Solution Details
Solution Availability United States
Oracle Products Applications, Oracle Financials, Oracle Project Portfolio Management
Company Size Solution is Targeting > 1500
Open Source Solutions No

Oracle Exastack Optimized

Oracle Exastack Ready
Oracle Database Ready
Oracle WebLogic Ready

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C.M. Mitchell Consulting Co.
24985 Genesee Avenue,
Golden, CO   80401
United States

CM Mitchell Consulting (CMMC) assists companies in identifying the most effective method to scan, capture, store and access their paper and electronic documents. We partner with the best imaging and document management companies to find the right solutions so our customers can become more cost effective, compliant and competitive in today’s electronic world. 
CM Mitchell Consulting’s solution, DocSavi is a Validated Integration for Oracle’s E-Business Suite. Through DocSavi, content management documents are available to Oracle E-Business Suite users at the touch of a “paper clip”, although stored in a content management repository. 
DocSavi can pull identified documents out of the Oracle attachment table within the database, place them into a document management repository, and leave behind links for Oracle users access.

“Upload Attachments” Advantages
Easy for users to send electronic documents to a document management repository
No more performance degradation due to large blobs within the database
Backup and recovery times are no longer affected by these large documents
Users outside of the Oracle E-Business Suite can access documents from a document management repository without access to Oracle
 CMMC is a certified partner and authorized reseller of Oracle, IBM FileNet, Kofax, AnyDoc, Fujitsu, and WeWebU products. We provide professional services, integrations and document management life-cycle solutions.


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