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Multi Channel Adapter (MCA) for Siebel

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Solution Summary:

Customers are increasingly seeking and expecting alternate ways to communicate with contact centers. The challenge now for corporations is to develop a cost-effective strategy to enable contact centers, helpdesks, and customer service teams to intelligently and efficiently blend the routing and processing of inbound e-mails and telephone calls from both customers and employees. To address this challenge, Bucher and Suter has developed a pre-packaged integration of Siebel CRM and Cisco's Unified Contact Center Enterprise solution, UCCE. It is the central server component that manages the real time flow of telephone calls and emails between the Siebel desktop user interface and Cisco's UCCE.

Solution Profile:

MCA for Siebel provides full CTI functionality to help drive efficiency, cost reduction and customer satisfaction.  The solution pops customer information into the agent's Siebel GUI with a call or email arrival, facilitating lookup of Siebel information by phone number, email address, Caller Entered Digits etc. With MCA for Siebel, enabling screen pops is a simple and flexible process that lets the user decide which customer identifiers should be passed to Siebel to display the correct record.   

MCA for Siebel allows contact centers to queue all interactions in an intelligent and unified manner, eliminating the need to dedicate agents to a single media type. Interactions can be routed to the best skilled agent based on a wide variety of criteria such as caller ID or customer entered input into an IVR in the case of a telephone call or address or subject in the case of an email.

MCA for Siebel allows contact centers to quickly and easily integrate Siebel with Cisco's UCCE and handle both voice and email within Siebel’s easy to use Communications Toolbar. This integration can provide significant cost savings as well as revenue and productivity increases.



Distinguishing Features:

• Seamless integration with the Siebel Communications Toolbar allowing agents to login/logout, go ready/not ready, answer, hang up, transfer, conference, click to call etc. using the Siebel GUI. Agents can handle emails and telephone calls in Siebel with complete access to customer data, resulting in more efficient and effective customer interactions

• Unified Desktop for both voice and email eliminates the need to switch between applications, streamlines agent workflow and reduces agent training.

• Intelligent email routing to skill groups based on subject or group/department email addresses.

• Pre-integrated solution provides rapid and reliable deployment and lowers implementation costs.

• Flexible screen pops with customer and interaction history: MCA for Siebel can reduce handle time, speed issue resolution and enable faster call processing. Contact centers can shorten the time agents spend on inbound calls by as much as 10 - 20 per call by providing agents with screen pops of customer information at the time the telephone call arrives. This cost savings alone can provide a rapid Return On Investment (ROI).

• Direct and consultative transfers with call attached data for screen pops.

• Real Time contact center statistics displayed in the Siebel CRM GUI allows agents to make informed decisions

• Secure HTTPS connection

• Cisco Outbound Option support for preview, predictive and progressive dialing with agent scheduled callbacks.

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Bucher + Suter is a leading global Cisco Contact Center systems integrator and software solutions provider. Through strategic partnerships, b+s operates an exclusive Cisco specialization and provides unique software add-on solutions to the Cisco Contact Center. As a Cisco Value Added Reseller and Advanced Technology Partner, Bucher + Suter helps companies achieve business goals, going beyond traditional voice, by unifying contact center solutions with an add-on suite of applications focusing on multi channel agent desktops, universal queuing and unified communications adapters.

Detailed Description

Bucher + Suter, a Registered Cisco Developer Network partner, offers solutions to enhance the Cisco Contact Center.  b+s software delivers advanced, integrated multi-channel solutions on top of Cisco Contact Center Enterprise, enabling customers to realize additional business value from their Cisco investments.

Bucher + Suter capabilities around CRM integration and universal queue provide full multi-channel CRM desktops for agents.  An open, standards based approach offers routing flexibility and the option to keep existing investments intact, reducing a multi-channel contact center's total cost of ownership. With b+s CRM adapters, Cisco is the center for routing and reporting across all channels.

The b+s Customer Support Center (CSC) offers 24x7 case management and escalation support. CSC engineers have expertise in a wide range of contact center technologies including reporting, universal queuing, skills based routing, IVR, CTI and Work Force Management.


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