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Vertex O Series - Sales, Consumer Use, Value Added Tax Solutions

 Vertex, Inc.

Vertex, Inc.
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Solution Summary:
All three of Vertex O Series products; Sales Tax, Consumer Use Tax and International Tax share a common platform that we call the Transaction Processing System. This web services enabled, platform independent system offers greater flexibility in managing multiple tax types, and the simple user interface helps improve efficiency in a specific tax type.

Solution Profile:
By combining 30 years of tax solution expertise with the latest Internet technologies, Vertex is delivering the most accurate and flexible tax automation solutions ever. Vertex O Series offers significant new benefits from the perspective of both tax and technology. Taxability Manager - This browser-based tool is used for the efficient and effective management of the taxability applied to the transactions processed by the system. The products sold by your company can be associated with Vertex-supplied taxability rules. In addition, exemption certificates from your customers, and custom exceptions defined by your tax department can all be setup, maintained and referenced. Taxability Manager puts your company’s tax experts in complete control of the tax determination on every transaction, regardless of where, when, or how the transaction takes place. Current Tax Compliance – Vertex will provide not only the tax rates but also the taxability rules in a monthly update that can be easily applied to the system. Changing even the most complex tax calculation such as a new tiered structure, is performed through a simple database update, giving you more control and assurance that you are in compliance and in step with the many changes by taxing authorities. Centralized Tax Management – Vertex O Series is a scalable and platform-independent solution, enabling the tax department to centralize tax management, transaction processing, and reporting across heterogeneous systems in your IT environment. Tax professionals gain more control over tax decisions and quicker access to enterprise level information for both day-to-day operations and audit preparation and management. Enhanced Jurisdiction Identification – The TaxGIS component of the system identifies the appropriate taxing jurisdictions on each transaction. The full set of jurisdictions are determined, from the state, county, city, and down to low level districts such as Mass Transit Authorities, providing a high degree of accuracy for the final tax calculation. A Common Integrated Platform – Vertex O Series is built on the common platform of the Transaction Processing System. O Series utilizes the common capabilities of the Transaction Processing System such as setup and maintenance tools, reporting functions and a common interface to the financial system. This means simpler integration to ERP applications as well as a consistent user interface that makes it easier to learn and operate the full suite of Vertex O Series products. The Transaction Processing System was designed using broadly adopted, open, web-oriented technologies (e.g. J2EE, JSP, HTML, XML, SOAP) to maximize its flexibility, interoperability, and portability. It also provides tremendous flexibility for integration with ERP/financial software, depending on your specific business needs. Options include Direct Call (Java-to-Java), Proxy Client (via HTTP), and Web Services (SOAP, XML messages).

Distinguishing Features:
Rules-based Calculation Engine: A rules based database containing Vertex tax research on jurisdiction rates, exceptions and exemptions. Flexible Deployment: You now have multiple options for deploying Vertex O Series in your IT environment using either direct call or remote call models. Technology: The O Series line of products use the latest technology including Java, Java Server Pages, HTML, XML, and SOAP. These technologies allow the products to run in a web services environment with platform independence. All databases can be accessed via JDBC, including Oracle, UDB,and Microsoft SQL Server. Thin Client User Interface: Vertex Central is the single access point for all user interface functionality of the products. This interface is accessed simply through the click of the mouse button in your Internet browser. Jurisdiction Identification: TaxGIS is the common jurisdiction identification component of the system. The appropriate taxing jurisdictions are identified for each transaction based on address information included in the transaction.

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 Vertex, Inc.

Vertex, Inc.
1041 Old Cassatt Road,
Berwyn, PA   19312
United States

Oracle and Vertex, Inc. have been business applications partners since 1992, collaborating on technology that simplifies tax management and reporting for their joint customers.

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Vertex and Oracle have been partnered since 1992 to offer mutual customers a suite of integrated tax process solutions.  Today, over 750 customers are using Vertex's authoritative tax content and process automation tools, integrated across applications in Oracle E-Business Suite. Vertex provides customers with tax automation solutions that help them better manage U.S. sales tax and consumer use tax, International and value added taxes, and payroll tax.  Vertex also offers industry specific tax solutions for Retail and Leasing.

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