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Balance for Oracle e-Business Suite


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Solution Summary:
Balance for Oracle E-Business Suite is an access portal for processing and consolidation of all supplier invoices flows in Oracle®. Complementing ITESOFT.FreeMind for Invoices, the solution automates all processing steps for invoices with and witout purchase orders, including capture, data extraction, validation, invoice clearing and posting to Accounts Payable.

Solution Profile:

Balance for Oracle E-Business Suite is an easy-to-use and efficient Oracle® add-on for automated invoice integration in Oracle® environments. It includes all the required features for generating accounting entries and allows users to monitor the integration of all supplier invoices into Oracle®. This module supports Oracle® standard functions such as Oracle® Invoices and Quick Invoices, providing both an excellent user experience and easy adoption for Oracle® customers.

Balance for Oracle E-Business Suite complements ITESOFT.FreeMind for Invoices. Together, the two products offer a high-performance end-to-end-solution for capturing and processing all supplier invoices electronically in Oracle® environments. Every step is automated efficiently, from invoice capture and data extraction to invoice clearing. As a result, organisations of all kinds increase the productivity of their invoice handling processes, improve supplier relationships and simplify their financial reporting.

The ITESOFT solution portfolio features an open and modular architecture, based on today’s leading design principles such as SOA (service-oriented architecture) and Web Services. Balance for Oracle E-Business Suite and ITESOFT.FreeMind for Invoices operate on Oracle® databases, eliminating the need for replication of Oracle® master data. Integration-related features include:

  • Support for Oracle® standard functions (e.g. Invoices, Quick Invoices)
  • Online export and online data transfer via Oracle’s Open Interface (OPI)
  • Online access to Oracle® database and master data (invoices, suppliers, articles, orders, receipts)
  • Native access to invoice images (URL)
  • Compatible with Oracle® E-Business Suite 11iX or higher, and with Oracle® database 9i or higher

Distinguishing Features:
architecture SOA, Web flow, administration en ligne

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Le Sequoia,
Aimargues,   30470

Founded in 1984, ITESOFT is a European-wide group present in nearly all European countries. ITESOFT offices and representatives cover 80% of the European market.

Detailed Description

Founded in 1984, ITESOFT is a European-wide group present in nearly all European countries. ITESOFT offices and representatives cover 80% of the European market.

ITESOFT group employs 158 people and generated a sales turnover of €19.4 million in 2008.

ITESOFT has become the recognized market leader of innovative software solutions for automatically processing information flows.

ITESOFT’s goal is to provide its customers with an innovative and proven offer that is adapted to meet all their electronic document capture and processes automation requirements.

Today, ITESOFT offers a complete line of products to optimize all aspects of information flow management.

ITESOFT solutions are used by over 600 customers around the world, automatically handling over 1 billion documents every year.

ITESOFT offers a complete range of business solutions that meet all requirements for capturing incoming documents electronically.

Providing organizations with a single entry point for all documents, ITESOFT solutions automatically capture, index, read, validate, store, distribute and archive all inbound information flows… whether the original documents are in paper (mail, invoices, orders, checks, delivery slips…) or electronic (e-mail, fax, EDI…) format.

ITESOFT solutions are based on three complementary product lines that handle all incoming documents from delivery to archive:

ITESOFT.Share, dedicated to workflow and managing content in digital documents
ITESOFT.FreeMind, dedicated to capturing and automatically processing documents
ITESOFT.iSpid, dedicated to automatic payment processing
ITESOFT’s 600 customers all agree that their solutions led to visibly increased efficiency.

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