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WePow, Inc.

 WePow, Inc.

111 W. Evelyn Ave., Suite 202
Sunnyvale, CA   94086
United States

Recruitment is more than sourcing and screening; it’s attracting and engaging. It's communication and creating an emotional bond. It's about building relationships and meaningful experiences.

At WePow, we don't believe in being status quo and we certainly don't want our clients’ recruitment methodology to be either. WePow Talent Acquisition Solutions help innovative companies increase productivity, improve efficiency, and significantly reduce interviewing cost while improving the quality of interactions with candidates.

Contact us today to take part in igniting the talent acquisition space and starting a revolution!

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WePow Video Interviewing

Record and review interviews at your convenience

Video interviewing allows candidates to respond on their own time. The message to each candidate is 100% consistent, eliminating variables that sometimes affect a phone screen, and scheduling isn’t a factor.

From an employer perspective it’s simple:

  1. 1. Post a job
  2. 2. Record video questions on WePow
  3. 3. Invite any number of candidates to take the interview
  4. 4. Review and approve candidate responses


For candidates:

  • Candidates get an email invite with a link to a video interview
    • A promotional video introduces the company and why it’s a great career choice
    • Setup helps candidates get comfortable, practice, and know what to expect
  • Then the interview begins
    • Candidates see the video questions recorded by the hiring team
    • After some time to think, the candidate records their video responses


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Success Stories

Time-to-Hire Reduced

WePow significantly reduced its client’s hiring process, while also enhancing the candidate experience through reinforced branding.

- WePow’s client is one of the world’s largest private management consulting firms

- Fill 1,600 positions, quickly
- Too much time spent coordinating schedules for interviews
- High cost in travel and resources

-Reduction of costs
-Reduction of time
-Reduction of resources
-Enhanced candidate experience

“WePow is a true and trusted partner. Their recruitment solutions
helped our company reduce the cost of pre-screening by 89%. It was
definitely the best decision of the year.”

-Global Lead, Talent Acquisition

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