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 Smart ERP Solutions Inc

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Smart ERP Solutions, comprised of some of the best former PeopleSoft architects, developers and executives, focuses on providing flexible, configurable solutions to efficiently enhance PeopleSoft applications with functionality well beyond delivered capabilities. We build Smart Solutions to support your business needs. Use Smart Solutions to accelerate your PeopleSoft project by: * Reducing risks, costs and delivery timelines by applying proven, innovative, repeatable solutions * Efficiently enhancing and extending standard PeopleSoft application functionality * Minimizing customizations required to tailor PeopleSoft to meet your unique needs * Using solutions that are easy to implement and maintain

Detailed Description

Smart ERP Solutions® is a Pleasanton, California-based company comprised of some of the best former PeopleSoft Architects, Analysts, Developers and industry specialists.   SmartERP™ is dedicated to providing innovative solutions and services for our clients, designed to automate, streamline and simplify PeopleSoft applications.  We utilize our extensive PeopleSoft development background to quickly deploy pre-built “Smart Solutions” to address common areas of PeopleSoft projects as an alternative to extensive development efforts involving IT staff and/or traditional consulting services.  This approach accelerates PeopleSoft projects, reduces costs, and lowers total cost of ownership through the avoidance of customizations.

Common areas addressed by Smart Solutions include: Automated Employee Onboarding, Electronic Personnel Action Forms, Procure-to-Pay Streamlining, Accounts Payable Automation, Security, Workflow, Business Process Management, Simplification/Usability, and addressing client-unique enhancements.  All while avoiding customizations to lower total cost of ownership.

Our Smart Solutions are specifically designed to address common PeopleSoft application functionality needs with a unique bolt-on design that can be readily configured and installed to meet each client’s needs. Our solutions are very repeatable and quick to implement, with little or no impact to existing code and future upgrades. Our clients and partners find our solutions to be an incredibly cost-effective, robust and innovative alternative to avoid costly customizations and accelerate any PeopleSoft project, implementation or upgrade.

Our solutions are PeopleSoft version independent and compatible with all of the supported operating environments including the latest Oracle Exastack products such as the latest Oracle Database, Linux, Solaris and Weblogic Server.

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Smart Employee Onboarding Smart Enterprise BPM orchestrates, streamlines and standardizes business processes in any PeopleSoft application to Automate Employee Onboarding in HCM, Streamline Procure-to-Pay in Financials, and Simplify Student Enrollment in Campus Solutions.

This application has achieved:   Oracle Exadata Ready, Oracle Exalogic Ready, Oracle SuperCluster Ready, Oracle Database Ready, Oracle WebLogic Ready, Oracle Linux Ready, Oracle Solaris Ready
Smart Workflow Currently, PeopleSoft applications provide various workflow features that vary by module, do not have a consistent look and feel, and do not satisfy all the needs of PeopleSoft users to effectively manage their day to day tasks. SmartERP has identified the gaps that exist between the PeopleSoft standard workflow solutions and current business requirements and has developed ’Smart Workflow’. This solution allows consistent and robust Approval Workflow capabilities to be extended to all PeopleSoft documents, such as the journal, voucher, requisition, purchase order, or any other document that requires workflow approval capabilities.

This application has achieved:   Oracle Exadata Ready, Oracle Exalogic Ready, Oracle SuperCluster Ready, Oracle Database Ready, Oracle WebLogic Ready, Oracle Linux Ready, Oracle Solaris Ready
Smart Lifecycle Viewer The Smart Lifecycle Viewer solution graphically shows the status of any PeopleSoft document (requisitions, POs, students,new hires, etc.), as well as all related supporting documents, via an intuitive, easy-to-use interface with intelligent drill-down or drill-up capabilities built in. You can instantly see that your PO has been received in two shipments and the invoices have been paid with three vouchers. View a student’s classes, tuition payments and outstanding fees. Or determine that your customer’s order has been shipped and the bill is being prepared. The possibilities are limitless with the Smart Lifecycle Viewer Wizard that allows you to tailor views to meet your unique business needs.

This application has achieved:   Oracle Exadata Ready, Oracle Exalogic Ready, Oracle SuperCluster Ready, Oracle Database Ready, Oracle WebLogic Ready, Oracle Linux Ready, Oracle Solaris Ready
Smart 1099 PeopleSoft applications have a very robust 1099M reporting solution that includes Copy B printing, IRS flat file generation and automatic correction capability. Many customers have expressed the desire to extend this functionality to areas not presently covered in the standard PeopleSoft product. These areas surround importing 1099 information from external sources, adding the totals to the standard AP totals, and reporting to the IRS on the combined totals. Smart 1099 allows you to import data from any external source, automatically create 1099 vendors and combine the interface totals to existing PeopleSoft totals, and create consolidated 1099 reports for the vendor and the IRS. Smart 1099 comes with pre-configured procurement card and single payment voucher interfaces, and can be easily configured for importing from any external source.

Smart Key The SmartKey provides users with a method to quickly enter ChartField values consistently across the module areas and interfaces. SmartKey: One value could represent 17 user defined fields Addresses the need for consistent end-user experience and interface requirements Could streamline row-level security development SmartKey does not include Account

Smart Security Standard PeopleSoft Financials can be configured to restrict data access based on Business Unit, SetID, Book, Ledger, Pay Cycle or Project. However, there is no delivered functionality to restrict the access based on other field values. For example, do you need to restrict access based on ChartField values, Bank Accounts, or any other field? SmartERP addresses this limitation with ‘Smart Security’.

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