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Kofax, Inc.

 Kofax, Inc.

15211 Laguna Canyon Road,
Irvine, CA   92618
United States

Kofax is the market leader and de facto standard in capture application software, device connectivity and image processing

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In 1995, Kofax introduced Ascent Capture, the first shrink-wrapped information-capture application for document and content management systems. Today, Ascent is a robust, expandable, enterprise-class platform and the most widely used capture solution in the world. Kofax successfully entered the scanner-based image processing arena in 1998 with the patented, award-winning VirtualReScan (VRS). VRS has been embraced throughout the industry for its ability to improve the quality and productivity of any document capture system.

Our products pioneered the concept of PC-based document image processing, focusing on PC-based hardware that accelerated the scanning, viewing and printing of high-resolution document images. Kofax also led the industry with cutting-edge development tools that simplified the integration of document image processing into software applications.

Since our founding in 1985, Kofax has been the leading innovator in the conversion of unstructured documents and data into reusable electronic business information.

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MarkView for Accounts Payable Automation MarkView for Accounts Payable Automation supports the capture of invoices from any type of source in any type of format—whether paper, fax, or electronic. It can extract information automatically from invoices when appropriate, streamlining the capture, validation, and loading of invoice data into Oracle Payables. Once invoices are in Oracle Payables, MarkView helps streamline the entire accounts payable process—images of the original invoice are always available from the invoice record in Oracle Payables. All steps in the payables process—entry, review, approval, and ultimately audit—benefit. The benefits of the MarkView integration with Oracle E-Business Suite in general and Oracle Payables in particular include · Reduction of cycle times. This results in increased internal and external customer satisfaction and maximized cash flow. Prompt payments enable early-payment discounts, eliminate late fees, and reduce the likelihood of duplicate payments when vendors resend overdue documents. · Prevention of document loss or misfiling. Invoices are captured online immediately. The copying, faxing, and resending of invoices are eliminated. · Reduced document transport and storage costs. The cost reduction is made possible because invoices no longer need to be mailed for review and approval and because the need for physical storage space is reduced. · Improved productivity. Employees benefit from reduced accounts payable invoice preparation, manager approval, and back-office processing times. · Viewable audit history trails. With all backup information managed online for a given accounts payable transaction, companies have a more efficient and accurate audit process. Audit requests for invoices and their associated backups are handled through online self-service. · Fewer and lower fines. Companies can reduce and even eliminate fines and penalties related to failed audits, failure to comply with regulations, or both. · Lowered cost of

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Kofax, Inc.

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