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F5 Networks is the global leader in Application Delivery Networking. As an Oracle Partner, F5 ensures that Oracle applications, middleware, and database solutions are always available, fast, and secure.

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F5 Networks is the global leader in Application Delivery Networking (ADN), focused on ensuring the secure, reliable, and fast delivery of applications. F5’s flexible architectural framework enables community-driven innovation that helps organizations enhance IT agility and dynamically deliver services that generate true business value. F5’s vision of unified application and data delivery offers customers an unprecedented level of choice in how they deploy ADN solutions. It redefines the management of application, server, storage, and network resources, streamlining application delivery and reducing costs. Global enterprise organizations, service and cloud providers, and Web 2.0 content providers trust F5 to keep their business moving forward. For more information, go to

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BIG-IP Product Family One device. Complete control. Applications running across networks can cause a wide variety of problems. Whatever the problem, though, the BIG-IP Product Family can handle it. BIG-IP is the only device in the industry that can do everything. It delivers high availability, improved performance, application security, and access control, all in one unit. A single BIG-IP device can do the work of a dozen single-purpose products. More importantly, it can do that work in an efficient, cohesive manner that is easier to manage and adapt as business and technology needs change. The BIG-IP Product Family is also extraordinarily flexible and configurable. You choose which functions you want by selecting various BIG-IP product modules and BIG-IP feature modules. Depending on which modules and how much traffic capacity you need, you can choose from various BIG-IP hardware platforms.

This application has achieved:   Oracle Database Ready, Oracle WebLogic Ready
F5 Solutions for Sun Network Attached Storage Today's storage environments are complex, inflexible, inefficient, and rapidly expanding. As the volume of unstructured data continues to skyrocket, your organization needs the ability to efficiently manage file data while keeping storage costs in check. F5 ARX file virtualization devices enable you to dramatically simplify data management and reduce storage costs. By introducing intelligent file virtualization into the file storage infrastructure, ARX eliminates the disruption associated with storage administration and automates many storage management tasks. The result is a dramatic improvement in cost, agility, and business efficiency.

F5 Solutions for Oracle Database Oracle Database solutions provide the foundation for IT departments to successfully deliver more information with a higher quality of service, reduce the risk of change within IT, and make more efficient use of IT budgets. The F5 Application Ready Solution for Oracle Database offers improved operations and agility at the database tier and faster data replication over the WAN. With F5, IT can deliver an application and database architecture that optimizes user experience and data integrity on a global scale, while also providing end-to-end protection to secure data and the business.

F5 Solutions for Oracle Fusion Middleware and WebLogic F5's Application Ready Solutions for Oracle® Fusion Middleware include Identity Management, SOA, WebCenter, and WebLogic Application Server. F5 provides a unique and comprehensive application delivery platform that greatly enhances the productivity and agility of both the Oracle applications and the organizations that rely on them.

F5 Solutions for Oracle E-Business Suite F5's Application Ready Network for Oracle® E-Business Suite optimizes application performance, ensures availability, and increases user productivity with a comprehensive solution designed and tested specifically for Oracle E-Business Suite. F5 helps reduce the effects of WAN latency, adverse network conditions, infrastructure challenges, and other issues that prevent web applications from being delivered quickly.

F5 Solutions for Siebel Business Applications F5's Application Ready Network for Siebel® simplifies deployment, management and offers superior ownership and end-user experience. F5 and Siebel have worked closely on integrating the F5 and Siebel CRM business applications, with multiple F5 devices validated for use with Siebel applications.

F5 Solutions for Oracle Access Manager Providing High-Performance Access Management for Oracle Organizations need to implement identity and access management solutions that are scalable, secure, and have minimal impact on the bottom line. Removing access management from within the application takes control out of the hands of developers, simplifing authentication, consolidating infrastructure, and reducing costs. By integrating F5’s application delivery capabilities and the application access features in Oracle Access Manager, organizations can realize the value of offloading authentication control and simplifying architecture. With the combination of Oracle Access Manager (OAM) and F5 BIG-IP® Access Policy Manager™ (APM) access and security solution or the F5 BIG-IP® Edge Gateway™ advanced remote access solution, CapEx and OpEx savings are increased by consolidating infrastructure and easing management. Organizations can employ either BIG-IP APM or BIG-IP Edge Gateway to manage policy-based access from one location and to dramatically improve the scalability of access control.

F5 Solutions for Oracle Beehive Collaboration Suite F5 and Oracle® have worked together to ensure organizations deploying F5 devices with the Oracle Beehive Collaboration Suite benefit from a secure, fast, highly available, and scalable solution.

F5 Solutions for Oracle Enterprise Manager F5 and Oracle® have produced a highly effective solution for organizations using F5 devices with Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control services. With F5, your Oracle Grid Control services deployment is always secure, fast, and available.

F5 Solutions for PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications F5's Application Ready Network ensures that your PeopleSoft® Enterprise applications have the most reliable, secure, and optimized application delivery networking platform available. F5 solutions enable more scalable and available applications with fewer server and network resources, while Web acceleration improves application performance across the WAN to that of LAN speeds. F5 Application Delivery Networking Solutions are the networking foundation for this market leading ERP and HRMS application.

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