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CA Technologies is an IT management software and solutions company with expertise across all IT environments - from mainframe and distributed to virtual and cloud.

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CA Technologies (Nasdaq:CA - News) is an IT management software and solutions company with expertise across all IT environments – from mainframe and distributed, to virtual and cloud. CA Technologies manages and secures IT environments and enables customers to deliver more flexible IT services. CA Technologies innovative products
and services provide the insight and control essential for IT organizations to power business agility. The majority of the Global Fortune 500 relies on CA Technologies to manage evolving IT ecosystems. For additional information, visit CA Technologies at

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AllFusion Component Modeler AllFusion Component Modeler is a robust UML modeling tool for visualizing, designing and maintaining enterprise components for eBusiness. Through extensive support for collaborative modeling and component reuse, developers are able to share expertise and re-use components to eliminate redundant development efforts.

BrightStor ARCserve Backup Agent BrightStor ARCserve Backup Agent for Oracle improves data and transactional integrity while providing the flexibility to backup and restore entire databases, selected tablespaces, selected data files, archive log files and control files.

CA Virtual Assurance for Infrastructure Managers CA Virtual Assurance for Infrastructure Managers (formerly CA Virtual Performance Management) is an add-on product to CA’s Enterprise Managers supporting large production virtualization environments, enhancing operational visibility and control, and driving agility. It delivers a greater ROI by providing centralized, heterogeneous physical and virtual systems management and expanding support into networks, databases, and applications.

CA Virtual Configuration CA Virtual Configuration provides an automated approach for deep visibility into your virtual environment of servers and application and software components. A well-configured virtual environment can significantly improve MTTR, allowing problems to be identified and resolved more quickly and in a standardized fashion. As virtualization deployments grow, existing and even new resources may not be able to cope with manual configuration management processes. Virtual Configuration is intended to be scalable to meet most departmental or enterprisesized virtual management change and control needs.

CA Virtual Assurance CA Virtual Assurance is a stand-alone, lightweight monitoring tool that delivers event and fault management, performance and capacity management analytics, and visibility into virtual networking and application traffic response in virtual environments.

CA Identity Manager

CA Virtual Automation CA's Virtual Automation is designed to help you meet your own virtualization management (VM) needs, to improve service quality and offer greater cost control. The value builds as companies appreciate the well implemented virtualization management, which offers flexibility, control and OPEX/CAPEX savings. Virtual Automation can help you: gain staffing and operational efficiencies,improve quality of services delivered, and realize reductions in capital expenditure.

CA SiteMinder

CA Access Control

AllFusion Process Modeler AllFusion Process Modeler is a business process modeling solution designed to address the significant challenges of today?s competitive eBusiness climate.

CleverPath™ Aion® Business Rules Expert CleverPath Aion Business Rules Expert (BRE) enables an organization to effectively manage and automate complex processes though intelligent applications. By utilizing the knowledge and expertise encapsulated in business rules that can be shared across the organization, CleverPath Aion BRE facilitates consistent policy enforcement and enhanced decision-making at all levels.

BrightStor® Storage Resource Manager BrightStor® Storage Resource Manager provides centralized management of storage resources for both distributed and mainframe systems enabling storage efficiency with a global view of storage capacity, allocation and usage. This leading cross-platform solution analyzes, manages, reports, schedules and automates networked storage resources across the enterprise.

CleverPath™ Portal With CleverPath Portal, users can focus on the information needed to work effectively and efficiently, while underlying applications remain transparent. It has the ability to seamlessly display data from legacy systems, and is completely platform-independent. Dynamic personalization allows users to customize the information and provide a simple, organized workplace based on individual roles.

Unicenter® Fast Unload r11.1 for Oracle Now there is a way to successfully manage the increasing volume of Oracle data in a timely and efficient manner. Unicenter Fast Unload is a high-performance data export utility that provides the fastest, most reliable, and most efficient way possible to extract database information, outputting your data in a fraction of the time you’re accustomed to.

Unicenter AutoSys Job Management Unicenter AutoSys Job Management is an industry-leading job management system that supports enterprise-wide mission-critical applications. Designed for distributed environments, it delivers event-driven scheduling, centralized real-time monitoring and programmable error recovery — all providing the reliability and scalability your production environment needs.

Unicenter SQL-Station Unicenter SQL-Station provides a comprehensive, integrated development environment for creating, editing, testing, debugging, tuning, and managing SQL and server-side database code. Its integrated components and Intelligent Workspace increase efficiency and productivity for both new and experienced database programmers.

Unicenter Job Management Adapter for Oracle Applications The AutoSys/Adapters for ERP applications allow companies to regain control of their production environment by centralizing job scheduling across dissimilar platforms, applications and tools and providing seamless integration with ERP packages. Customers gain a single enterprise scheduling solution that delivers an extensible architecture and advanced functionality.

Unicenter® TSreorg™ r11.1 for Oracle TSreorg quickly and efficiently reorganizes and restructures database objects that have become fragmented because of continuous updates. It can significantly increase system performance, decrease response time, and prevent system failures caused by objects exceeding their growth limits.

CA Harvest Change Manager CA Harvest Change Manager is a comprehensive, integrated, repository-based change and configuration management solution that can help organizations effectively manage complex, enterprise-wide development activities throughout the entire application development life cycle.

Advantage InfoRefiner Unlock the value in your mainframe data assets by making them accessible to users on client/server platforms. Advantage InfoRefiner extracts and transforms mainframe data and distributes it to DB2 and leading client/server databases.

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