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Quality Innovative Systems, Inc.

 Quality Innovative Systems, Inc.

910 Greene 726 Road,
Paragould, AR   72450
United States

Founded in 1998, Quality Innovative Systems®, Inc. (QIS) is a Gold member of the Oracle® PartnerNetwork as an ISV and software reseller. Our executive management team offers over 75 years of combined Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World software development and IT consulting experience. QIS's headquarters and software development office is located in Paragould, AR, with an international sales office located in Salt Lake City, UT and a Global Client Services office located in Dallas, TX. We provide superior and patent pending software technologies that simplify complex EnterpriseOne system-wide formula calculations through our Flexible Calculation Module (QIS FCM™) and Flexible Billing Module (QIS FBM™). We also provide comprehensive customer care and billing solutions for mid market Private/Public Utilities (QIS UBSReady™) and Real Estate Property Management (QIS PMP™) JD Edwards EnterpriseOne® customers.

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Oracle Validated Integration : Financials (FMS)
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Flexible Calculation Module (QIS FCM) for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

We Make EnterpriseOne Calculations Simple & Easy

System-wide Patent Pending Flexible Calculation Module Helps JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Customers with Complex Calculations

QIS FCM™ is an EnterpriseOne system-wide powerful Microsoft® Excel like scripting language tool that allows power users to calculate any and all formulas related to their business. The QIS FCM is so easy to use and helps users set-up and maintain complex formulas by using IF, THEN, or ELSE statements without having to get time constrained IT resources involved. This comprehensive tool accesses information from any data source and its use is applicable across all functional areas from finance, human resources and payroll, distribution, inventory, manufacturing, IT, and more.

“Our Flexible Calculation Module is designed to help JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (E1) customers simplify calculations that are difficult to do with standard JD Edwards’ functionality and also enables calculations that are done by third party software to be done easily within the core functionality of Edwards”, said Donnie Law, President of QIS. “It’s the core calculation engine we have used in our real estate and utility billing software enhancements, but it also opens up all of EnterpriseOne to use Excel like Formula based calculations. With our FCM you don’t have to hard code calculations in programs.”

This integration has achieved:   Oracle Validated Integration  with  JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Utility Customer Care, CIS & Billing Module for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Unlimited Billing Power - Electric Power, Water, Gas, Sewer, Internet, Cable, Special Services, and More...

We give you the missing pieces of the puzzle that makes EnterpriseOne Utility Billing System Ready (QIS UBSReady™) without having to change your current EnterpriseOne infrastructure or integrate outside software solutions. Using EnterpriseOne’s framework as the basic building blocks, you can be assured that the system can handle all your utility Customer Care & billing needs.

Using the other standard EnterpriseOne Modules, you can be confident the system is stable and your investment in EnterpriseOne is secure. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Modules Unleashed -

  • Customer Address Book
  • Fixed Assets
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Property Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Customer Master

Success Stories

Quality Innovative Systems, Inc. Announces the Implementation of Oracle JD Edwards Real Estate Module Software Enhancements at Boston Properties

QIS Flexible Calculation Module Utilized to Maintain Complex Billing Calculation Rules

(Paragould, Arkansas – Monday, April 11, 2011) – Quality Innovative Systems, Inc. (QIS), a Gold member of the Oracle® PartnerNetwork and an experienced customer care and billing software provider for Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers, announced today they will be implementing the QI Flexible Calculation Module (QI FCM™) at Boston Properties, Inc., a real estate development and property management company located in Boston, Massachusetts.

“The Flexible Calculation Module (QI FCM) is a strategic component of our Property Management Plus enhancement (QI PMP™) and is designed to help companies like Boston Properties with the set-up and maintenance of complicated billing requirements or rules”, said Donnie Law, President of QIS. “The FCM is an EnterpriseOne system-wide enhancement that gives customers across all industries the ability to account for all formula calculation requirements. Our customers are finding uses for the FCM in finance, distribution, manufacturing, inventory, HR/Payroll, and IT. ”

According to Mr. Law, most EnterpriseOne customers face the challenge of maintaining billing rules, with some billing rules being very complex requiring variables from multiple data sources. Real estate companies like Boston Properties have tenants leasing properties where no two leases are alike. A lease requires a tenant to pay rent, and in some cases a prorated share of overall common property expenses. However, leases differ from tenant to tenant because of the type of property, type of tenant, location or region, property owner, expense participation, term of the lease, and more.

“QI Systems’ Flexible Calculation Module (QI FCM™) has enabled us to simplify the setup and maintenance of complex billing rules. What used to be maintained outside of the system is now maintained inside EnterpriseOne with QI FCM”, says Brian Lord, Manager of Corporate Systems for Boston Properties, Inc. “We now have a flexible, centralized data entry system that gives us the ability to accommodate any formula calculation scenario. Other immediate expected benefits from using the QI FCM include a 40% reduction in person hours to process all of our billing rules and improved reporting capabilities.”

QI FCM™ is a powerful Microsoft® Excel like scripting language tool that allows users to calculate any and all formulas related to billing rules using IF, THEN, or ELSE statements, without having to get time constrained IT resources involved or having to program hard code inside EnterpriseOne. If a user knows Excel they can easily make valuable use of the QI FCM.

In a partnership with Boston Properties QIS is developing a new Investment Portfolio Management enhancement for the EnterpriseOne Real Estate Module. One of the main features will include the set-up and maintenance of Amortization Schedules inside EnterpriseOne.

“I am excited about our partnership with QI Systems, Inc. and the potential for their Flexible Calculation Module (QI FCM™) to dynamically generate amortization schedules that pass through as vouchers in our accounts payable system”, says Dave Pigott, Vice President of Application Development for Boston Properties, Inc. “Currently these schedules are maintained off-line and journal entries are required to properly allocate principal and interest. I believe the enhancements we are creating with QI Systems will also benefit JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers in other industries.”

What makes the QI PMP different from its competition is that it is uniquely built with the Flexible Calculation Module (QI FCM™), a trademarked and patent pending technology developed by QIS. QI FCM allows an Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customer to leverage their existing core modules and turns their investment into a more robust and comprehensive billing and calculation system.

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