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Higher One is a leader in providing financial services and data analytics to over 1,600 college and university campuses across the U.S.

Higher One (NYSE:  ONE) is a leading company focused on creating cost-savings efficiencies for higher education institutions  and providing high-value services to students.  Higher One offers a wide array of technological services on campus, ranging from streamlining the institution's performance analytics and financial aid refund processes to offering students innovative banking services, tuition payment plans, and the basics of financial management.  Higher One works closely with colleges and universities to allocate resources more efficiently in order to provide a higher quality of service and education to students.

Founded in 2000 on a college campus by students, Higher One now serves more than half the higher education market, providing its services to over 1,600 campuses and 13 million students at distinguished public and private institutions nationwide.  More information about Higher one can be found at .


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Refund Management® -- Fast and efficient distribution of refunds to students

Empowering choice and simplifying how students receive and manage money.  With just one convenient file, we'll distribute refunds based on student preference - selecting from multiple ways to receive their money without long lines or wasted paper!

This integration has achieved:   Oracle Validated Integration  with  PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions
Tuition Payment Plans { Integrated Full Service -or- Software Only }


A. "Software Only" Tuition Payment Plans:  Offer students the opportunity to electronically enroll in one or more tuition payment plans designed and tailored for your campus.

B. "Integrated Full Service" Tuition Payment Plans:  All the same smart features of our "Software Only" option, PLUS Higher One service and marketing support

Tuition Payment Plans (along with the entire Payment Processing Suite) has achieved Validated Integration status with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

This integration has achieved:   Oracle Validated Integration  with  PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions
Educational Solutions by Campus Labs

Achieve a comprehensive and coordinated campus-wide assessment practice that informs decision-making and unifies your campus in new and innovative ways!

  • Compliance Assist - Organize planning and accreditation

Baseline - Assess student learning and success

CollegiateLink - Create meaningful involvement experiences

Beacon - Retain students through early alert identification

Course Evaluations - Elevate teaching and learning




Accounts Payable Solutions -- A more efficient process to pay vendors electronically.

Offers more choices for fund recipients, eliminate paper checks and provide increased security of vendor account data - all while saving money.

Financial Aid Fraud Solutions -- The ability to detect and prevent financial aid fraud.

Proactively identify suspect enrollments and applications through data analytics, recognize patterns in students sharing similar directory details and identify who have habitually taken aid from other schools and then dropped out

Dynamic Bill -- enables clients to customize billing to streamline processes and cash flow

Dynamic Bill allows institutions greater efficiencies by reducing billing and also facilitating receiving payments sooner

Online Store - Empowering departments to quickly create web storefronts

Allows departments to create secure and robust web storefronts without having to utilize valuable on-campus IT resources

Online Store helps PeopleSoft campus departments uniformly manage commerce operations across campus and utilize simplified control of information for reporting, auditing and other important functions.

Online Store has Validated Integration status with PeopleSoft Campus Solution; along with the Higher One Payment Processing suite of solutions

Cashiering -- Accepting over-the-counter payments in a 100% compliant environment.

Accepting over-the-counter payments in a 100 percent compliant environment.  Process quick and secure over-the-counter payments for departments who need to accept in-person payments.

Cashiering allows your PeopleSoft campus customers (students and non-students) or departments to process in-person payments; and streamlines the interaction into a "one step, one stop" transaction that keeps the line moving and customers smiling. Accepts all payment types - cash, credit cards, debit cards, campus cards, money orders, checks (paper and electronic)!

Cashiering has achieved Validated Integration status with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions; along with Higher One Payment Processing suite of solutions

Bill Presentment - A more efficient means of presenting bills electronically.

Present your bills online.  Eliminate the cost of postage, paper and handling while providing enhanced services to your students and their parents.

Bill Presentment has achieved Validated Integration status with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions; along with all other Higher One Payment Processing suite solutions.

Payments - Empowering students and parents through convenient electronic payments.

Give students and parents the ability to view balances and make payments at any time over the web with accounts updated in real time.

"Payments" has achieved Validated Integration status with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions; along with all other Higher One Payments Processing solutions

Campus Student Payroll


Fast and efficient distribution of payroll for students, faculty and staff.  Cut costs, streamline federal work study disbursements and reduce exposure to risk ( We collect, store, and protect student banking data).

Campus Student Payroll has achieved "Validated Integration" with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions; as has all Refund Management distribution service

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