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Quanam, S.A. de C.V

 Quanam, S.A. de C.V

Av. de Las Palmas, 731104
Mexico, Distrito Federal   11000

Quanam a Professional Services Company specialized in computer technology. Sale of Oracle products, Services of Implementation and Consultancy (E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel, Hyperion, BI Apps Fusion Cloud)

Who is Quanam?
Quanam founded in 1978, is one of the biggest Latin American companies in the software market and consultancy services in Computer Technology. Quanam has followed a politics of sustained development that has risen to more than 500 the quantity of linked professionals, being one of the companies with the number bigger than consultants in the sector of Oracle applications in Latin America.

An organization with headquarters in all Latin America, Mexico City, Montevideo, Lima, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janiero, Brasilia and Miami, allow to offer the same quality of services in the whole continent. The international projection of Quanam began starting from clients that have demanded solutions from third countries, assisted in the place by professionals supported from one of our offices.

The Services of Consultancy of Quanam have been characterized through the years to promote the independence of our clients. The methodology used for the implementation of our solutions allows that the projects are based on the transfer of knowledge, a good training plan and training. The professionals that Quanam integrates have profiles of Manager of projects, Functional Specialists (Finances, Logistics, Manufactures, human resources, it Nominates, CRM, SCM, SRM and BI), Technical Specialists, architecture Administrators and BD, technical Analysts and programmers. The experience and capacities of our team allow to cover all the activities involved in projects: Planning; Report of requirements, gap/fit Analysis and estimate of development effort, Development, Integration and mensajería (Integration Broker), Administration of BD, architecture and tuning (ORACLE, SQLServer, DB2), Upgrades. We carry out a constant investment in training and quality, that which allows us to be modernized in the last product versions and methods, carrying out a process of continuous improvement of our development practices.

Platinum Partner of Oracle, Stuck to the standards of the Project Management Institute, Certificates ISO9000 for the delivery of implementation projects, Methodology characteristic of Implementation with specific instances for E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel, Hyperion BI Apss. and Oracle Fusion Clod Services.

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Main Office Location (HQ) Mexico
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PeopleSoft Accelerate para RH & Nómina Mexicana - Industrial Manufacturing This Solution is available in Mexico, please select Latin American Spanish to view it.

PeopleSoft Accelerate para RH & Nómina Mexicana - Travel & Transportation This partner is based in Mexico, please select Latin-American-Spanish language to view details of the solution.

PeopleSoft Accelerate para RH & Nómina Mexicana - Pharmaceutical This partner is based in Mexico, please select Latin American Spanish launguage to view the details of the solution.

Peoplesoft Accelerate para RH & Nómina Mexicana - Financial Services This partner is based in Mexico, please select Latin-American-Spanish language to view it.

PeopleSoft Accelerate para RH & Nómina Mexicana - Retail This partner is based in Mexico, please select Latin-American-Spanish language to view details of the solution.

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AutoVue Enterprise Visualization
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
JD Edwards World
Oracle E-Business Suite
Oracle Hyperion
Data Warehousing
Enterprise Manager
Oracle 1-Click Technology for Midsize Companies
Oracle Database
Engineered System
Oracle Database Appliance
Application Grid
Data Integration
Developer Tools
IT Architecture
Identity Management
Oracle Application Integration Architecture
Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation
Oracle Endeca Information Discovery
Oracle Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Oracle Unified Business Process Management
Oracle WebCenter Content
Oracle WebCenter Portal
Oracle WebCenter Sites
WebLogic Server
Server And Storage Systems
Sun x86 Servers
Success Stories


Integra los Procesos de Nómina y Recursos Humanos, Automatiza sus Procesos de Información de sus Empleados y Reduce el Tiempo de Procesamiento de la Nómina

PeopleSoft Human Resources

Peoplesoft Global Payroll

Oracle Database, Standard Edition

Oracle Enterprise Manager



Caja Popular Mexicana

Automatiza Procesos en el Área de Recursos Humanos y Mejora la Eficiencia Operativa

PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Resources, Global Payroll Mexico








Novartis Corporativo

Alcanza Eficiencia en la Administración de los Recursos Humanos

PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital Management, Human Resources







Grupo Profuturo GNP

Integra Información Financiera en Infraestructura de TI Flexible y Escalable

PeopleSoft Enterprise Financial Management

PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management

PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management




Centraliza Información y Optimiza los Procesos de Nomina y Recursos Humanos

PeopleSoft Enterprise Financial Management

PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital Management



NYK de México

Integra Sistemas de Información Operativa y Contable y Logra Aumentar la Eficiencia Operacional

JD Edwards Enterprise One Financial Management

PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital Mangement




Quanam México

Información en Tiempo Real Permite Alcanzar Precisión en el Forecast de Ventas

Oracle Siebel CRM On Demand




Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

Integra sus Procesos Financieros, Académicos y de Recursos Humanos, Optimizando la Gestión de las Áreas y Mejorando la Atención de Alumnos y Proveedores

Quanam Colombia

PeopleSoft Human Resources
PeopleSoft Financials
PeopleSoft Global Payroll
PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Warehouse
PeopleSoft Campus Self Service
PeopleSoft Recruiting and Admissions
PeopleSoft Student Administration
PeopleSoft Payables
PeopleSoft General Ledger
PeopleSoft Student Financials
Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition



Integra Información Financiera y de Recursos Humanos y Acelera Procesos de Nomina

Quanam Colombia

PeopleSoft Enterprise Financial

PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital Management



SulAmérica Seguros y Pensiones

Mejora el tiempo de comercialización con la actualización de plataforma financiera

Quanam Brasil

PeopleSoft Financials



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Quanam, S.A. de C.V

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